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Sharp Teeth

A Collection of Scary Stories and Artwork from Seabury Students

Dancing Monster

Sharp Teeth is a collection of thirty terrifying tales with accompanying artwork that will scare the socks right off your feet. Created from the devious minds of Seabury's own seventh graders, these tales all plunge to the depths of our fragile human psyche. Illustrations by Alesia Broctcyna and graphic art by Digital Design students clarify  the terror in a stunning fashion.

From the dark and deep shadows of our souls, each tale exposes a primordial fear, something that haunts us, something that must be exposed. Dare to read these and confront what lurks in the recesses of our minds and you just might walk out stronger. Then again, these fears have a way of digging in,  and you might not ever get out again.

Head Skull with Fire Flames

Click on the link and order your copy for $9 by Friday, October 29.


The proceeds will go to Bert Nash, a local organization supporting mental health, as well as a small class Halloween party!

We hope to get the books by a week after the orders close.

Dancing Skeleton

7th Grade ELA

ELA students wrote terrifying tales of the supernatural based on a core fear. They studied the book Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman to find inspiration and mentorship in the craft of horror writing. This book collects thirty stories that have been polished as smooth as a skull.

Digital Design

Students from the Digital Design class teamed up to create Title Pages, Intros, and the Book Cover. They were tasked with using their own artwork, both digital and physical, to create fittingly spooky work.

Alesia Brovtcyna

Alesia created thirty (yes, thirty!!) digital illustrations, one for each story. Each illustration, done digitally in black and white charcoal sketch style, reveals the terrors that lurk within the stories, enhancing the overall tone of the book. 

An Amazing Collaboration

Illustrated Skulls knocking their teeth

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Illustrated Skulls knocking their teeth